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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Conservatives aren't the ones that have been trying to take the stigma off of single parenting; they've been the only ones trying to fight it, citing in specific the correct view that it damages children, sends them ****ty moral messages, and leaves them in poverty.
I can think of numerous "liberals" who have been fighting for this as well.

You and yours may want to think about that more the next time you consider calling conservatives "dinosaurs" and other hostile things.
I think that most conservatives in regards to social policy fit the dinosaur moniker quite well.

The gay thing leaves out that the kids need role models of different genders because that's how they learn to have intimate relations with members of the opposite sex. Kids without opposite sex parents in the household suffer in their adult intimate relations. They need the socialization and role modeling the opposite sex parent can provide. Two women do not equal a man and vice versa.
Yet they have me as an uncle and a variety of other male role models who play an integral part of their life foundation. I can't offer much now as we are ~2,000 miles apart, but I think they will be just fine. Before they moved and I moved to opposite sides of the country, I was seeing them as often as I could and sharing good life experiences with them.

You simply cannot slap equals signs on everything, no matter how hard you try. Nature is nature and you can only toy with it so much.
Wasn't slapping equal signs on anything. Just showing that my sister and her wife as a lesbian couple have done great things with at-risk youth and have shaped them into good children, who would have otherwise fallen to the traps that many African-American children do in inner-city environments. They have answered the call of parenthood with resounding success, while many of their heterosexual counterparts have not. I am sorry that this success story bothers you.
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