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Originally Posted by bronco militia View Post
oh wow! a 223/556 version of the AK! you don't see many of those. very nice

I have been going back and forth between a Ruger Mini-30 or Sigma ak-47. All of the sudden there is plenty of 7.62x39 ammo, and still a shortage on 223/556.
So that Ruger of yours is a 22LR? Those guns aren't even considered "assault rifles," regardless of how EEEK! they look.

My rifle is a version of the AK 74. As far as I know, the 74 was chambered in the smaller 5.56 round by design. The gun shop in Jefferson County I got it from still has more there; they also have the pistol version of it. Mine has a folding stock, so it's both in one, basically. And yes, there is a shortage of .223, and rounds cost about $1/each which is ridiculous.

Apparently I possess a Super Scary Assault Rifle™. My sister says it looks like a toy, but let's not ruin the moment. Let's roll with it.
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