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I'm just glad to see my sister and her wife are doing an excellent job with their six children. It resorts what little faith I had left in people. They have adopted two sets of kids from the Houston area who grew up in abusive households and had P.O.S. parents, fathers who weren't present and a life filled with violence. One of my nephews first held and fired a gun when he was only four years old. Can you imagine? That is scary. . . but I guess part of growing up in the "hood."

It has been quite a challenge to get these kids to turn around, but they have done it. It has taken several years for these kids to get passed the terrors they had to endure and witness as young children, but now that they are growing up and being shaped in a loving household, things are going well. The excel academically and know more about the world and how things work than most people who are out of high school. It's absolutely insane. And they have TWO MOMS showing them the way.

They are a strong case that show that homosexual couples can effectively run a great household. . . it doesn't come down to them being homosexuals. Just good people with good morals.
And thus the shackups the left have been working overtime to normalize since the 60s have been nothing but an unmitigated disaster.

Conservatives aren't the ones that have been trying to take the stigma off of single parenting; they've been the only ones trying to fight it, citing in specific the correct view that it damages children, sends them ****ty moral messages, and leaves them in poverty.

You and yours may want to think about that more the next time you consider calling conservatives "dinosaurs" and other hostile things.

The gay thing leaves out that the kids need role models of different genders because that's how they learn to have intimate relations with members of the opposite sex. Kids without opposite sex parents in the household suffer in their adult intimate relations. They need the socialization and role modeling the opposite sex parent can provide. Two women do not equal a man and vice versa.

You simply cannot slap equals signs on everything, no matter how hard you try. Nature is nature and you can only toy with it so much.

Kids are more important than the parents' lifestyles, belief systems, or wishes. Always, and without question. People have forgotten that.
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