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Originally Posted by RockPaperSissors View Post
I am new here (this is my first post) I too am a high school droop out but I am smart enough to know most of you so called men are children that shave. How dare you judge this woman. What gives you the right. Do you know anything about her? Many fine marriages come from this same sort of a back ground. They seem to be in love and that will overcome many a hardship. This guy Reverend seems more interested in showing off how smart he thinks he is more than actually helping with any sincerity. Course how do you take seriously a guy that mates with lobsters. At least he is an individual all the rest of you just follow his lead. I don't see one man on this thread well there are two but that's a scarce few considering to the number that chimed in. I'd screw either one of them but they are both old uck!!!

Rev probably has lobster aids.
HAHAAHA , found his girl's first post. Wish SHE would update us on this cuckold.
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