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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
Good to hear. I only read the first couple pages and skipped to the end.
You missed A LOT!
The "bumps in the road" include:

Got her pregnant, she went crazy, left him and wants no part of the child.

She gave up rights to the child via Wal-Mart parking lot meeting penned on a napkin

Allowing his woman to bring a man to live in his home, not pay rent, bang his woman and kick his ass in front of the child....and he let the guy stay a month afterword.

She pays no support, he's not really interested in making her do so

He admits that there a chance kid isn't his, but see's not reason to get a DNA test
..and much much more.

In summary:
Guy asks for advice on a message board->Guy does not follow a single bit prudent of advice given. He's either fake or someone Manti Teo would call a naive p***Y.
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