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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Let's see what ya got.

I don't think it needs to be one mom, one dad, etc. Two mom's, two dad's, whatever. However, I agree that having a strong family foundation would help get rid of the root causes of a lot of violence in society.

I agree with you that having a strong family foundation is important. I also do realize the links to people who grow up without dads which increases their likelihood to be involved in juvenile or violent criminal activity.

I think you will like this article: HERE.
Thanks for the link, it's a long article but I started reading it. Being that it' appears to be pro fed-government article I think it will be ok in some areas, and off in other areas, simply because the fed gov won't simply say that one husband and one wife is the key, combined with a attendance at a local church. It will skate around this but never come out and recognize these facts.
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