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You really are not going to like my answer Req because we don't always agree on things. But my answer is to promote the stability of the nuclear family where the father is around and helps raise the children. One wife, one husband, give them the capacity to raise their kids together and actively promote this and I think this cycle of violence, especially in places like the African American community will start to subside and eventually be almost completey done away with.

I know you'd take another approach so we can just agree to disagree.
Well that SHOULD be looked at especially considering how gun violence disproportionately affects the black community. Multiple studies have shown that kids who grow up in unstable homes (missing father) are more likely to express delinquent behavior. Black marriage rates were actually higher in the Jim Crow era than after the 60s - when marriage rates across the board began to tank after the normalization of unstable shack-up arrangements which are far more likely to leave kids parentless and poor.

Yet another thing we have to thank the left for.
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