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Originally Posted by Binkythefrog View Post
The NBA has weird seeding rules here - the Nuggets technically are still 5th. Since the Clippers are a division leader - they must be seeded 1-4 even if a team like Denver has a better record than them.

Memphis has a better record than the Clips and Nugs (based on winning percentage) hence the third seed. The Clips are a division leader, hence the fourth seed.

However, the really weird thing is if the season ended today, the Clips and Denver would play - but the Nuggets would get homecourt due to a better record.

So to sum up - the seed number doesn't matter - only the record in determining home court.

Also, I've seen quite a bit of national coverage of the Nuggets today - ESPN had them as their Sportscenter highlight of the night - Tim Legler was waxing lyrical about how the Nugs are now one of his four teams that could win the title. It is probably better the Nuggets lay low - I have a feeling this pursuit of the streak is going to tax Miami - they'll probably be in playoff mode for as long as the streak continues - playing James, Wade, and Bosh big minutes in an effort o make history. I don't blame them - I would do the same.
No, its a conspiracy!

Yeah, the only story in the NBA right now is that Miami streak and they have to go for greatness. That's what great teams do. As far as them taxing themselves during the streak, I dunno. Plus, its completely possibly Miami rolls through the first couple of rounds of the playoffs and earns plenty of rest time while other series go longer.

Regardless, while anything can happen, Miami is on another level right now, and there's not a player close to LeBron James in the NBA. Basketball is probably the only sport where one player can dominate a game based on their sheer will. I suppose there's more margin for error, less variable, and the best player can control the majority of the game (which is untrue in basically every other sport). So unless LeBron breaks his leg, I can't see him faltering.
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