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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I did for a year and what happened there still wouldn't infringe upon my ability to (A) Be an outdoor enthusiast and (B) Protect myself and those I care for.

And once again, these new regulations impact ones ability to do this how? Oh wait, they don't.
Wow, you were here a whole year - I've been here since conception.

As I've said, your experience isn't the standard for everyone, and that is something the liberals just cannot wrap their brains around. It is not my place to dictate to a rancher in Weld County how to protect his livestock and family any more than it is to dictate to someone in Gilpin County how to protect against bears and lions.

But hey - that's just me. I think my fellow Coloradans are adult enough to make adult choices in self-defense and do not need me sticking my snout in their affairs because I have a juvenile stick up my ass over a single mental furball with orange hair.
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