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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
So these new laws are infringing on your right to bear arms how?
The current laws are already prohibitive. For example, people can't own fully automatic guns, that's just one example.

I really think these types of laws should be a state issue. Most liberals are ok with this, that is, in states like CA if you want more restrictive laws then the state can have them. What CA can't do is outlaw all firearms as this would be unconstitutional. Now, on the flipside (and where liberals would disagree because they only think one way-their way) is that other states like Wyoming could ease up on laws and allow people to own things like fully automatic weapons, for example, or guns that have high capacity magazines.

Again, this should be a state issue. Just like marijuana, just like the institution of marriage (one man and one woman as opposed to gay marriage) and other issues. But most liberals don't like this either.

Liberals are the least understanding when it comes to self determination and personal rights. They are the biggest of hypocrits. Everything is fine and dandy as long as you believe and think the way they believe and think. If you don't, they label you as a biggot, or uneducated.

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