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Bacchus, should I start posting pictures of victims of car accidents and make a thread about banning cars?

Or perhaps sink hole victims and start a petition to ban the earth?

I don't care either way on the gun debate, but the banning cars argument is a poor comparison. Cars are designed and designated to be safe trasnportation for Americans to operate their lives. Gun are manufactured for one reason, lethality.

Also, I assume you are a small government conservative, would you really advocate massive intenvention by the Government over and above the massive amount of regulation they already have in the auto and transportation industry?

If gun owners don't like the laws in Colorado, get reps voted in a change them. Thats how the democratic process works, Colorado is heading liberal because liberals have done better job seeling their points... calling liberals "idiots" and sherriffs, public servants refusing to enforce laws does not help the conservative case for guns and enhances freedoms.
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