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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Of course, but I have a hard time believing a C-USA player is going to be considered that high with the talent available in this DB class.

I will pose you a question: Just curious, where do you think this player will go in the draft at CB next year? Same size and athletcisim as DJ Hayden, but here is is college rapsheet. . . and he still has next year to become an all-time great to ever play at the college level.

Defensive Statistics:

2012: 7 INT (one pick six), 39 tackles
2011: 7 INT (three pick six), 53 tackles
2010: 4 INT (one pick six), 47 tackles

Totals: 18 INT, 5 DEF TD, 139 tackles.

Special Teams statistics:

1036 yards on kick-off returns, 4 touchdowns. ~ 29 yard average.

And yes, these are real numbers. Not NCAA 13 video game madness.
Well, first off, as I'm sure you know, it's not quite that simple. You can't just look at stats and measurables, otherwise David Amerson would be a top 5 selection. Second, value also depends on the rest of the draft pool (e.g. the top of the QB class this season will likely go much high than they would have had they been in last seasons draft). Level of competition matters, too, of course. So it's hard to say. He might play for a Division II school which would make a big difference in projection. But I'll play along and say 2nd-3rd round area.

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