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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
It wasn't just Scouts Inc, CBF1's snip made the same projection. You could be right, though. We'll never know what his real "injury-free" value would have been. As always with these prospects, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Of course, but I have a hard time believing a C-USA player is going to be considered that high with the talent available in this DB class.

I will pose you a question: Just curious, where do you think this player will go in the draft at CB next year? Same size and athletcisim as DJ Hayden, but here is is college rapsheet. . . and he still has next year to become an all-time great to ever play at the college level.

Defensive Statistics:

2012: 7 INT (one pick six), 39 tackles
2011: 7 INT (three pick six), 53 tackles
2010: 4 INT (one pick six), 47 tackles

Totals: 18 INT, 5 DEF TD, 139 tackles.

Special Teams statistics:

1036 yards on kick-off returns, 4 touchdowns. ~ 29 yard average.

And yes, these are real numbers. Not NCAA 13 video game madness.

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