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We'll have to see where Hayden goes come draft day. I still think he doesn't get drafted because of the medical situation. If he does get a clean bill of health to play football, then I think he goes 5th Round. If he goes in the 2nd or 3rd Round, I'm going to slam a beer.

Nico Johnson just went to the Jets. Makes some sense. The draft value is about right, I had him in the late 5th - 6th round range. I'm not a huge fan, I think he's just a guy. Reminds me of Mike Mohamed.

Tavarres King went as well. I just made a Top 10 remaining list a little bit ago, he was #10 on that list, and the top WR remaining, for me at least. I think that's a pretty strong selection. I had him in the late 4th round, so it's not a massive steal or anything, just a really solid player. Should be able to replace Santana Moss.
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