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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Good rule of thumb:

Whatever position the Broncos have a need at WILL get overdrafted in the OM mock because more time has been invested into players at those positions by the majority of participants.

That's why a billion DTs have flown off the board for the past half decade way higher than they should
17 corners and 31 OL have been taken already in this draft accounting for ~ 35% of all selections. . . through basically four rounds. That is stupid.

21 OT have been taken, with obviously some tweeners. Really? 21 OT in the Top 125 grades of overall players in this draft?

This is why the Bengals get nice things like Gio Bernard and Zavier Gooden in third and fourth rounds.

Alvin Bailey should have been a higher rated OL in this draft, but no-named OT's who will be reserves in the NFL or out of the league before their rookie contracts expires go 30-40 picks ahead of him. Yup. OM Draft fasho.

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