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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
DJ Hayden ran fast. That is about all he can do. MUG's concerns are absolutely true. Not even close to worth it right now. I have three guys who should have been selected at CB/DB a long time ago that are still there and profile as starters in the NFL. I'm absolutely shocked that they haven't been selected. Once those guys get picked, I will applaud the people who drafted them.

Apparently Hayden was a Top 15 corner (since 17 were taken already, but several of those guys will probably be S) by who picked him, but I find that hard to believe in this class. I would be interesting to see the Top 15 corners from the team that took him.

All and all, I think a lot of people have scrambled to get their guys at corner which has allowed for value at other positions to keep falling. My evidence to that is having 10 corners taken out of 35 selections. . . seems awfully high to me. I think that McFadden and Webb in the fourth rounds were some of the best value selections for players in the entire draft. Whoever got those guys deserves a pat on the back.

I knew corner would be a **** show in this draft once Dee Milliner went #2.
Good rule of thumb:

Whatever position the Broncos have a need at WILL get overdrafted in the OM mock because more time has been invested into players at those positions by the majority of participants.

That's why a billion DTs have flown off the board for the past half decade way higher than they should
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