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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
i disagree. there is a deadline for Doom coming to the Broncos. and it is probably after Abraham visits. if after Freeney and Abraham visit the team is ready to make a deal with either, Doom is gone. the team isn't going to sit around all offseason letting Freeney, Abraham and Osi the only 3 guys in free agency who can potentially match Doom's output sign elsewhere just because Doom is upset about an offer. if he wants to be a Bronco he needs to make his decision before either guy visits because after that happens, Denver more than likely makes an offer and the deal he was offered becomes useless.
Alas, Doom may well have reverted to his documented Dummer side (see flashing a gun in a road rage fiasco) and gone all butt hurt and emotional over it all... Too bad but time to move on if he is still jerking around by noon today. Period! He doesn't need any more time to understand what he had ... and will lose... in Denver.
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