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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by Rock Chalk View Post
I havent been here in a while because well, this place blows goats and Bronco fans ...suck in general but Hogan is alive and well. We talk all the time on facebook. Same with Sassy and I even keep up to date with Taco on facebook.

This place died a long time ago. I only came here today because I saw Casey Conklin posted a picture of his new set up on facebook and he had the orangemane up. I had forgotten about you ...losers.

But the single best memory I have of this cesspool was when it wasn't a cesspool. Mock started a thread and put up pictures of what he thought of some of the most prominent orangemane posters and it is still the best single thread ever started here.

This would be for only the oldest posters here. Those that were in here 2001 an 2002, and most of them have left for better places to discuss football with more intelligent douches than the majority of you ....

Peace ..., I'm out.
Spot on. You got me here and I agree with why you left.

I miss the old posters, I don't post here as much and have found another board too. I talk with Sassy and Hogan occassionally too. You can place the blame for the disappearance for some of the really good people leaving on a handful of know it all people on this board with enormous egos telling everyone else how stupid they are. The Tebowites ridiculousness can be blamed also although most of them have moved on or figured it out. If TJ would get rid of some those handful, as suggested, old times and old posters, who had much more to contribute, may reappear. My hopes aren't high.
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