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I agree with a lot of what has been said. If your job is just a job and not a career and you will be moving on within a yr or so then go for it. If you are so powerful in your career that you can do what you want then go for it. But if at this job your main goal is to impress, move up, build your career etc then i would pass.

Then of course one rule trumps all rules. IS SHE RICH? because if she comes from lots of money of has a lot of money then that can be a career into itself.

I know a guy who is a decent human. Sort of the great musician but never really made money at it because of too much drinking. Well He finally hit his rock bottom 3rd DUI, crashed into parked cars all on a suspended license. So he goes to jail for a bit but then off to rehab and court ordered halfway house treatment etc etc. While there he meets this lady who started drinking a lot when her husband died and left her his whole business. He was a dentist, owned his own building leasing 4 other offices to a couple other dentists and a foot doctor. So he hooks her up, they marry, no prenup, she sells the business and building for I'm guessing 5 million and they moved to texas lol. He wrote me a short message thanking me for some things i did for him and also told me he is basically living the good life. I told him to not **** it up lol.

But the morale of the story is spending some other dudes money after he died always good.
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