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I like the Will Davis selection at this point by SF. He probably goes in the early 4th round at worst, so this was a very nice value.

Don't like the DJ Hayden selection. I understand Oakland is beyond desperate for a CB, but there are still some really good options out there. I don't think it was time to take this gigantic risk on Hayden. He might never suit up in the NFL. He might suit up and die. He might suit up and be phenominal. If it was me though, no way I draft him. And I'm not certain he gets drafted, there's too much risk and potential liability here. It's a shame because he's a talented player.

I do like the Dion Sims pick for Cleveland. He's a good blocker with soft hands. Pretty much exactly what was needed with Cameron already there to stretch the seam. This seems about right in terms of draft value, I anticipate late 4th-early 5th.

Three selections within an hour there, we all like that! Keep the train rollin!
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