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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
Yeah, a sequester Republicans tripped over themselves voting for.

It's Obama's fault Rethugs obstructed & forced the sequester to happen.
BS he should have had a plan for if it happened instead of acting like it was some Repub problem he had nothing to do with. Whats funny is we have to cut more. These sequester cuts just a little scratch on their waste.

You cut the money, then tell the dept to do the same job give the same service. MAKE IT WORK. People in govt can work harder trust me. They can eliminate waste and tighten the belt. The sequester was a good thing Obama should be taking credit for it IMO. He cut spending, he raised taxes, he ended the war, hell he's doing better because of the sequester IMO. Sure he lost out getting taxes as high as he wanted but that is what compromise is all about. If he was smart he would move on to corp tax reform and immigration and get his 2nd term agenda on track. This gun control nonesense just a loser of an issue to try and make voters happy on.
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