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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Especially by following that up by drafting a big young DE or DT to help out the line now and into the future.

A lot of people want someone who will help Miller not get doubled a lot. If you really want that I think what we need is a DT who get a good push from the inside. Vickerson a run stopper, Unrien just so average and Ayers really sort of just avg at both the run and pass. He's not a bad player but not one that teams worry about accounting for in pass protection. Get better inside and that will help these outside guys get to the QB.

Could you imagine if we have a RDE who was a pass rusher? The poor RG and RT would have to really worry about when Miller was coming. You can draw a RB anywhere, even with a scrub blitzer you have to pick him up. But to get the guards worrying we have to have a big DT that really scares them.
Freeney or Abraham followed by Kawan Short and Le'Veon Bell in the 1st and 2nd rounds of the draft and i will freak out in pure happiness.
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