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Originally Posted by Rolandftw View Post
I guess I understand the view that it's not going to fix everything. It's a multi-faceted issue, and this would only be one part of having an impact on gun violence.

But does this really negatively impact any gun owners life? Is being forced to change your magazine more frequently enough of a deal to massively oppose such legislation? Obviously if criminals really want access to firearms they probably will find a way to do so. But shouldn't we make it as difficult as possible for them?

Let's say it is a minimal impact... 5 lives a year are saved with such legislation. Is your inconvenience in reloading your magazine clips more frequently worth more then those lives?
And what if your life is snuffed out because you only had 10 rounds and the home invaders had 50?

I'd say that it'd be more than just an inconvenience wouldn't you?

the way you wina battle is you destroy your opponent's will to fight...and when a thug with a knife or hand gun walks in and is facing the barrel of an AR-15 with a 30 round puts a serious damper on his mood and he'll probably realize he's broken into the wrong home.

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