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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
says to me that NE is hesitant to pay these guys the money they are looking for, given that NE doesn't want them to be every-down starters. They probably started talking numbers and quickly found out they weren't in the same ball-park.

We apparently are willing to pay for pass-rush - Doom isn't more than an every-down pass-rusher anyways and we were set to fork over $30m over the next 3 years.

I guess I don't understand NE's hesitation. They have got to want to compliment Jones and Seymour, right?
You also have to consider that Belicheat coached against Freeney a good amount of times. To me they are has beens. If I had to chose one of them I would go with Freeney because he is younger and can still rush in rush downs. I have read Abraham was protected by the scheme, plus he also got his sack in short amounts of games and against the crappiest of OL's.

I would avoid them altogether and just invest our first on a DE. But after getting rid of Hunter we have to find a DE vet. So it they are on they cheap, signing either won't hurt really.

It just sucks that all of this had to come down to this because of the incompetence of his agent.
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