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Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
It isn't and if it saves just a couple of lives it is worth it..............

All you naysayers would think seriously different if your family was touched by this BS and to think you have to fight your ass off to get these common sense things through................
So losing your rights is ok as long as it saves a few lives?

OK....let's turn this around...let's ban some books, or allow some citizens to be arrested and not others....let's make EVERY RIGHT in the Constitution subject to this same logic.

Let's violate the civil rights of people who are arrested and charged with a crime....I mean after all if it saves just a couple of lives, it is worth it (your own words) correct? Sure some innocent people will be thrown in jail....but how many violent criminals would we snag?

and like you said, if your family was touched by this BS you would think seriously differently....if your home was invaded, your mom, wife or daughter raped, you or your wife/kids mugged, you or a family member carjacked?
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