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Marvin Austin

Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
How are background checks gonna stop criminals from getting guns.

The same way it has made cocaine and heroin users, gang members and a long list of other illegal things stop.

Looks like California has now taken over the state of Colorado... Not too much longer and tree hugging and save the seals is the number one sport.

Your new law is a total joke and waste of time... Only the pacifists (Which run Colorado) will buy into this crap saving lives. Do any of you Colorado residents who own automatic weapons and large capacity clips now going to turn them in because of this new law.

I will answer that for you... HELL NO. Criminals and murders will still have avenues to purchase this stuff, just like they always have had. So now the next mass murderer will not now carry 3 hand guns and 200 15 round clips with him when he snaps? Total and absolute BS.
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