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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
But they didn't win the SB and the SBs they did win, they squeaked by. They just barely beat the Rams and barely beat the Panthers. Take spygate out and do they win these games?
Do you truly believe those words you typed? All spygate was was them taping defensive signals that everyone could see anyway. It had minimal effect, its just something meglomaniacs like Belichick do. And, as said, they got caught and then went 18-0!

So yes, i think they win those games and they just as easily could have won the two they lost. If Tyree doesnt make that insane catch or if new Bronco wes welker doesnt drop a fairly catchable ball, they win both.

if you want to hate the patriots, go right ahead, but i think they've proved they are a great team with or without this minor BS
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