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The NBA has weird seeding rules here - the Nuggets technically are still 5th. Since the Clippers are a division leader - they must be seeded 1-4 even if a team like Denver has a better record than them.

Memphis has a better record than the Clips and Nugs (based on winning percentage) hence the third seed. The Clips are a division leader, hence the fourth seed.

However, the really weird thing is if the season ended today, the Clips and Denver would play - but the Nuggets would get homecourt due to a better record.

So to sum up - the seed number doesn't matter - only the record in determining home court.

Also, I've seen quite a bit of national coverage of the Nuggets today - ESPN had them as their Sportscenter highlight of the night - Tim Legler was waxing lyrical about how the Nugs are now one of his four teams that could win the title. It is probably better the Nuggets lay low - I have a feeling this pursuit of the streak is going to tax Miami - they'll probably be in playoff mode for as long as the streak continues - playing James, Wade, and Bosh big minutes in an effort o make history. I don't blame them - I would do the same.

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