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Good lord, the Bills have Tavaris Jackson as the best QB right now... if they trade up for Geno Smith they deserve what they get. Right now they have the #8 pick and if they trade up to the #1 for Geno the fans should riot in the streets. They are better off taking Barkeley at #8 than trading up for Geno Smith. I'm guessing Smith will be there at #8 anyway...
I don't think Geno will be there at 8. The Jags just had a private workout with him and they loved him. They also raved over him at his workout (read both on SI).

I think they really do want him. I think the Raiders and possibly the Eagles do too.

The best option the Bills have IMO is Mallet and there is no way Belichik is trading him to a divisional rival.

This makes me feel a lot better about Alex Smith. He seems to be the best choice our brass could have picked at QB this season.
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