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Steve Atwater

The watering down receipes idea is horrible! Especially in the current increase in pricing I've seen in grocery stores. I know it's business, but dude, this is beer.

In light of that, I'd encourage anyone who is a beer fan or is curious to seek out microbreweries, nanobreweries, and brew pubs in their area and start sampling. You can usually talk to the person behind the bar, or in some cases, the brewmaster or owner about what you like, and they can steer you in the direction of what they offer that may please your tastes. Buy local!

This is also a great solution to someone in your group who says: "I'm tired of the same 'ol - same 'ol. Let's do something new!"

I recently moved back to the Denver/Aurora area and am happily close to and can pick up a growler to go, or stumble my way home if I'm in no condition to drive.

Let's all drink better beer!
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