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With the 136th Pick in the 2013 Orange Mane Mock Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select:
Landry Jones
6'4" 225 lbs

When Sam Bradford went down in the season opener back in 2009, Jones entered the game and held his own considering the shoes he was asked to fill. After four seasons as the Sooners' starter, he leaves the program as the Big 12's all-time leading passer with 16,646 yards and total offense (16,271).
He was considered by some to be best prep football player out of the state of New Mexico, choosing Oklahoma over UCLA and Stanford.

After redshirting in 2008, he started 10 games as a freshman in 2009 followed by his best season in 2010 as a sophomore (14 starts), finishing with 4,718 passing yards, 38 touchdowns and a 65.6 completion percentage.

Jones appeared to take a step back as a junior, but he still produced positive numbers with 4,463 yards and 29 passing scores. He considered leaving for the NFL Draft a year early before deciding to return to school.

He put up more impressive numbers as a senior, including 4,267 passing yards, 30 touchdowns against 11 interceptions and a 144.6 passer rating.

Jones has NFL height and good body flexibility with the mobility to use his legs to extend the play. Jones has good arm strength and average accuracy, but his ball placement is too erratic at each level and he tends to make highly questionable decisions every game. He stares down targets and his accuracy dips when forced to go away from his first read, showing poor footwork when rattled as he struggles to reset and step into his throws.

Jones has put up big numbers as part of a pass-happy offense, lining up in a hybrid pistol/shotgun formation, and is reminiscent of Jay Cutler - frustrating passer and it doesn't always look pretty, but the tools are there and he gets results. He still has room to improve and needs to show more of a clutch gene and improve his ball placement before he'll be an elite quarterback.

Accuracy: Struggled hitting running backs on short swing passes while taking snaps from under center at the Senior Bowl. Possesses above-average accuracy when settled in the pocket or on designed roll-outs. Leads receivers down the seam and on crossing routes, places throws low in traffic where only his man can make a play. Fade throws to the sideline are on the money between linebackers and safeties, even when on the run. Makes the back-shoulder throw with regularity. Puts sufficient air under deep balls to avoid over-throwing and allowing receivers to run underneath, but can also use a lower trajectory to thread the ball against cover-two or 40 yards downfield. When pressured consistently through a game, starts backpedalling early and loses accuracy, even on shorter throws.

Arm Strength: Already owns a very strong arm, could become elite over the next few years. Displays serious juice on throws to either sideline and stretch the field vertically. Ball comes out of his hand nicely, with a fairly tight spiral to aid velocity and accuracy. Throws between the hashes can beat zone defenders to the spot. Takes something off passes to flat, but not too much. Loses some zip and accuracy when feet are not set, especially if leaning back.

Setup/Release: Possesses NFL body with good height and relatively thick build. Mostly works from the shotgun but comes out from center on occasion for runs and some play action. Displays good enough footwork and urgency on handoffs to easily transition to regular under-center work in the NFL. Keeps feet active in the pocket to maintain rhythm. Steps up into the pocket when outside pressure comes. Slide out of the pocket with his eyes downfield to avoid a defender, though he occasionally gives up big loss by trying to evade inevitable sack. Adjusts to low shotgun snaps despite his height. Possesses over-the-top release which can be fast enough to make the quick slant, also able to drop his arm to make throws around defenders when needed. Carries the ball low in drops. Delivery lengthened, and sometimes a pause comes at the top, when trying to aim the ball instead of throwing. Set-up breaks down if pressured regularly, will backpedal early instead of standing in to deliver; makes some throws in those situations, but lacks the arm strength to be consistent downfield when not set.

Reading Defenses: Gets cues from the sideline, but shows intelligence to make calls and make pre-snap reads on his own at the next level. Most drops from under center are on play action, so he has one deep reads then checks down; must learn to read on the drop. Looks safeties off his primary read at times, but also trusts his arm too much, throwing into traffic. Must work on throwing before receivers come out of their breaks instead of waiting for them to be open. Gets a lot of big plays from play action. Coached to check down often because of his team's defense, will need to prove himself capable of making secondary reads downfield at the next level.

On the Move: Better athlete than given credit for. Capable of running bootlegs effectively to either side, sells fake handoff quite well. Squares shoulder while running left to make accurate throws. Generally accurate when on the move, as well, leading receivers open even if a bit high or wide. Runs upright and not very elusive in the open field, but has straight-line speed to pick up first downs with his feet on naked boots and if defense gives him room up the middle.

Intangibles: Relatively quiet player off the field who has increased his leadership role over the past two years. Usually even-tempered on the field but is willing to let receivers know when they run the wrong route or fail to help him on extended plays. Solid character, strong in his faith. Named for the late Tom Landry, long-time head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Engaged to Oklahoma basketball player Whitney Hand.

Pick made at 12:37 PM Mountain Time. The Detroit Lions and DBroncos4life are now on the clock.
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