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Marvin Austin

Originally Posted by Quoydogs View Post
I think there is one thing every fan can agree on. That is all these new rules are making this a sissy league.

My question is. Is there a way to get all the fans, on all the different message boards, to sign a per-written statement that says something to the effect that we stop spending if they keep doing this.

Basically have someone good at writing ( so not me ) write a letter then have all the fans copy and email it to the NFL, goodell and the owners of there teams.

We would be talking 100k plus people. We could even get it spreading on FB. We are going to be flag football in a matter of years. We need to stop this. Is this doable or am I dreaming ?

Never going to happen.

Do you know why they are turning this into as you call it a "Sissy league"? Because the sissy players are now starting to line up and SUE the living shiat out of the NFL and its owners for not taking precautions in the past on things like concussions and such. Only an idiot would not try to make things better now... Than to suffer hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits in the future.

It is a bunch of BS if you ask me, but this is what today's people have turned into. They do not want to take responsibility for anything they do and in turn around blame it on others... The biggest problem is that they normally get the pacifist, p***Y judges/juries to side with them. A sad state of affairs.
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