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Tony Carter

Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
In the words of Chief Wiggum, "Dig up, stupid."

By b****ing about a 16 year old who got drunk and "got herself raped" you're attempting to give a pass to the ****ing **********s who raped her. That's what you're doing.

Premeditated rape? I don't know... they drove her to several different places, involved other people in the "fun." Yeah, I'd say "premeditated" isn't that far off.

You're still a ****ing moron. Please stop talking.
calm down Orton. no need for all the profanity and personal attack.

I remember in back in 7th grade, i got jumped walking to the mall with my buddy after school. my wallet was stolen and bloodied up pretty good. my dad found out and kicked my ass for not going straight home after school like he told me to. Did I deserve to get jumped? no. Did i get myself jumped? no. Could i of prevented the attack if I listen to my dad, probably.

I know this is a touchy subject for many of you. In no way am I blaming the girl. I know there is a fine line between "got herself raped" and "taking personal responsibility" and you think I have crossed it. Sorry dude, it was just how I was raised.

This is is a tough subject as my feelings on it have changed several times since my first post on this matter. Its about listening to other people POV and be understanding. Hence my feelings about this subject has changed over the past several days.
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