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Wesley Woodyard

I understand that this is a question about a relationship and not about getting your dick wet. No one can or should tell you what decisions to make at this point in your life. You know the risks and need to decide for yourself wether the potential rewards are worth it.

Its like all relationships - there are pitfalls and mines scattered throughout it. The thing to remember is that dating a girl at work can have a bigger explosion than dating one outside of work.

If you can keep your head, be vigilant of signs of possessiveness/psychoness, and have a good running communication with her about the potential problems that can arise at work, then you've done your best to minimize the pitfalls. Worst case scenario, you break up and need to find a new job. Best case scenario you're still together when you die.

My parents met at work and are still together after 35 years. My wife and I currently work together (not the same). It can be done successfully.
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