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Do not go into teaching if you think its an easy job and you are just settling since you can't do other things.

Maybe in long years past it was easy to get away with, but today as a teacher your job is pretty damn tough. With the public on a witch hunt (which honestly yes, there are some bad teachers, but most of the bad teachers just don't last), it is hard to be a lazy teacher. Its expected that you run some kind of club, coach or do activities. Your job as a teacher is more of a 10+ hour per day job now. You might still get your summers, but with the amount of professional development they want you to do, it will be interrupted constantly.

Stay away from teaching unless you actually LIKE teaching. There are very few teachers coming out of college right now that are natural teachers. The public has scared people away from teaching so much, we may actually have very bad teachers in the very near future. Take away the benefits of a low paying tough job and you take away the quality that came with the bad in the first place.

Just warning you, very bad teachers are flooding into the teaching profession because of pay by performance type pay schedules, year round schooling, higher expectation of proof of growth, more evaluation and worst of all, the law passed that redefines tenure.

Ok, too much ranting, you get the point or you did long ago and quit reading.
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