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Originally Posted by Pontius Pirate View Post
BS, you said the girl was known to be drinking and lying and so she's partly accountable. At best, you're running the tired old "everyone's to blame" defense that attorney's use when their client has committed a horrible crime. At worst, you're slipping into the discussion a supposition that the girl was asking for it.

Now you're backing away from that and saying "woah woah - they're all minors anyway so NONE of them are responsible, it's all the parents."

Very lawyerly. The old wookie defense.
If you let your kids engage in risky behavoir then you are too blame when they get injured during said risky behavoir. My parents until i was 18 always made me say where i was going. They would check up on me, make sure i was where i said i was going to be. They would want to talk to parents where i was going. They would talk to my friends parents to double check all our stories and to make sure all the parents knew what was going on.

Sure we still drank some and partied but they did all they could to let us be kids and still know where we were and what we were doing.

If I didn't follow the rules of where i was supposed to be, etc etc then i just didn't get to go anywhere.

Parents are to blame and the girl is probably a little teenage tramp whose parents let her run wild. The two boys probably a couple of ingrate heathens who are selfish, arrogant, and thought they were too cool for rules. They had no respect for women because their parents probably didn't demand it. My father demanded that his kids respect adults, respect authority and don't follow the crowd at school.

Todays kids are a joke and parents are not near strict enough anymore. My dad would take away chunks of the summer on restriction if my brother and I did not listen to him. By the 4th - 5th grade we had it figured out. Our dad was awesome all we had to do is come home from school empty the trash, do the dishes, clean up the back yard and take care of the dog poop. On Sat wake up early and start on the lawn. Once we figured that out we enjoyed summers water skiing, traveling, getting to go see telescopes and spacecrafts my dad worked on, everything a kid could want.

Todays kids the parents hire a gardner and they have to be asked to do every little thing. Not all but most IMO.
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