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Originally Posted by enjolras View Post
They certainly have a right to be in the conversation.
i have a hard time putting any QB of the last decade in contention as best ever. with these pussed up rules and changes to the game basically hamstringing defenses and the change in offense to basically being a chuck it up game the statistics become garbage. look at Elway and Marino, 2 of the best to ever fling the pigskin, they set records when receivers got mugged by DBs, when defenses could actually hit a QB, in the time of football when running the ball was a focal point of the offense.

put either of those guys in today's NFL and their already massive stats, are amped up by 25% at least.

sorry Brady, you may be among consideration for best of the decade, and have a few rings, but you still couldn't carry the jock of those who came before.

sure Belicheat is great in the regular season and in the playoffs when he can get away with cheating, but should the Cleveland stint be ignored? i guess Kraft just disregards the great coaches before him, Lombardi or Walsh

Kraft needs to shut up and go away
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