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Originally Posted by McDman View Post
Ok, I reread it and it's not. I apologize but your point is still stupid. Blaming her parents is ridiculous. How many parents in this world have teenage daughters who lie and drink?

You can't keep tabs on your teenager without being super clingy and a terrible parent. This had nothing to do with the parents. It has to do with douche bag football players who have no respect for women, let alone another human being.
I understand unless the minor shows a pattern of bad behavior. Then yes, I think the parents are the primary culprits in the delinquincy of the child. Certainly this is not the case all the time. There are kids who just rebell and do whatever they want no matter how good the parents are or how hard the parents try, that being said, I believe this is by far the exception. I'm not saying kids aren't gonna do stupid things! I'm saying when there are gross violations of the law like rape and homocide then yes, the parents of the minor should be held accountable too.
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