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Originally Posted by Pontius Pirate View Post
No, he's right. You're an idiot.

It's funny you're even making comments about parenting when you're trying to say the victim and her parents share some of the blame.

It's like you don't even comprehend how dumb it is to say that what the girl did (went out and got drunk with her friends at an end-of-summer party) is something she should be brought to task over, or that her parents should be brought to task because they somehow could've/should've prevented her rape or even her getting drunk with her friends.
Answer this one question--are these minors?

Here's the definition of a minor: "A person under the age of full legal responsibility."

If by definition these kids are under the age of full responsibility, what does that mean? If the girl is a victom, and underage, that is, not "of full legal responsibility" then who assumes full responsibility for her actions and safety? I contend it's her parents. I also contend that the parents of the perpetrators and all the other perps involved should be held accountable.

PS, I never said the girl is responsible so please quit saying that. I said the parents are to blame for her being put an a bad situation to begin with. You either get it or you don't.

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