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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Is this about how a plucky female scientist luring psycopaths in to do FMRI's for research and develops a way to read their minds and solve cold cases with a back story of her curing gentle people of tumors at her night job (so she can make ends meet) while learning life lessons at the same time?

A story like that might get optioned for an NBC series. You could have her do a Thin Man type reveal at the end of each episode that ends up in some sort of street chase, hand to hand combat or pie throwing. She could also live on a boat and be the granddaughter of Quincy, she could be a lesbian and the opening sequence could be her licking some hot chick on the boat like Quincy did and some karate chopping of psycopaths.

I would read that. Is that what it is about cause unless this about that or a Tumor Gene found a way to cure himself of I aint reading it.
Julianne Hough could be Quincy's granddaughter and Mila Kunis and Emmanuelle Chriqui could be her boat mates/live in lovers. Tracy Morgan could be her wacky CT assistant and they could have a pet dog named Asta who sniffs out tumors. Jamie Pressly could be her tough boss who threatens to pull funding if she doesn't have sex with her on the boat.

Maybe we can move this to HBO and have lots of nudity.

Anyone got any contacts at HBO for a pitch?
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