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Originally Posted by TomServo View Post
do you have kids? do you have daughters? those boys are lucky to have balls if that was my daughter. 12 gauge shotgun justice sounds too good for them. those "kids" sound evil, I don't care how young they seem. that girl is ruined for life. those "poor" boys didn't feel a thing 'til they finally got some justice. the boys didn't even know they did anything wrong til they were gonna get kicked off the football team.
She needs to find closure and put this behind her and let her life be defined by what she does in the present and future choices than what she did in the past. It will take her time, I hope she has people around her who will support her and not fail her again.

All the kids who drank that night should be reprimanded for underaged drinking but the boys and those who were accessories or enablers to the crime are the ones who should be held accountable. I don't know much about this case but find it sad that no one seemed to care enough about the girl or had enough balls (or moral compass) to stand up for the girl and put an end to her nightmare. Anyone who participated or did not report what happened are to blame.

Parenting a big issue here but we all live in COMMUNITIES, we need to be active in them and influence right and wrong by mentoring all kids and leading by example. That "It takes a Village" line to raise a child sounds hokey but it is true, I never read Clinton's book but the people we live around do impact our kids for good and bad. Being involved in the community can change other kids who may not have good role models or parents.

Leaving justice to viglante after the fact shotgun justice just compounds the issue even more, your going to end up taking a life and ending up in jail and the cycle grows. I know what you mean TS and I really like your posts and takes but we need to be involved in our kids lives and volunteer in our communities, be leaders and role models and continue to make the right choice even if it is hard to prevent these types of parties where things can escalate quickly. Especially parties where booze and drugs can be found which further diminish already fragile decision making and amplify peer pressures.
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