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My post #32 is the one you have a problem with, but it's in the same context as my prior posts #11 & #12. My point is that if they are going to try and expand the case, that is, assign blame for what happened to other people besides the 2 football players (both minors), should not the parents of all these kids be investigated too? After all, we are talking about minors, right?

What if these kids, including this girl, were involved in a car accident where deaths were involved, would you not ask why? If these minors have a known history of alcohol abuse, as this girl does, and perhaps some of the other minors involved may also, is it not the responsibility of the parents of these kids to insure their safety? A minor, by definition means someone who is not of age and should be under the care of an adult. So, why aren't the "adults" being investigated too? Who is most culpible outside of the two football players? I'm contending that it is the adults who are most culpible simply because they are adults and are responsible for the actions of their kids, no?

Again, my post #12 sums up my feelings on the issue, that is, those most responsible for the safety and well being of the kids are the ones who will bear the least amount of culpability, why? Justice is not served in this way, JMHO.
You sir are an idiot.

They are expanding the case because the Rapists, remember them, were trying to involve others and were sending out messages/photos/what have you to others, who apparantly did nothing to stop the Rape. As such, these individuals are responsible as well for failing to act. Not the parents of a raped girl.

I find just about everything you have posted on this to be reprehensible.
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