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Originally Posted by Inkana7 View Post
I blame the people who decided to make her a rape victim instead of someone who just made some bad choices and got way too drunk.
do you think the parents should feel responsible to what happened to their daughter? or do you think they should just point their fingers at the two boys and blame them for what happened?

If i was her dad, i would seriously look at myself as a father and guardian, and try to figure out how i screwed up so much as my daughter went to a party, got drunk and was raped while i was at home asleep in my comfy bed.

even the father of one of the boys said he was responsible for this sons action. that he wasn't their to teach him what is right and what is wrong. he could of easily blamed the girl, blamed the community, blamed the people who sold the booze. Finally an adult taking responsibility for what their children did and not point fingers.
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