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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
They claim to need to change and update their message, yet the usual suspects....Palin, Santorum, Perry etc are the keynote speakers and Christie is excluded.

This isn't the GOP, it's a club of like minded, right wing religious fundamentalists who's priority is to shape social policies in the US.

They have become the party of the 18th century.
Sarah Palin's depths of stupidity and bimboism never cease to amaze me. The speech she gave wasn't a speech so much as it was a collection of one liners much like what would be delivered by a cheerleader at a pep rally. No substance, no cognitive quality whatsoever, all shouted out to get a reaction from the crowd. She's no longer a politician (not that she ever was), she's worse than Ann Coulter...offering nothing to the conversation but division.

The GOP will never be able to move past the last 2 losses if they continue to pay that pig lipstick service. You can't sell the message of outreach and empathy for minorities in one breath and then pay a 40-something year old harpy to undermine that with comments about, once again, Barack Obama's birth certificate.
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