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meh, people here a blowing this thing way out of proportion, probably because of faxgate. Elway has to do what is best for the Broncos, Doom has to do what is best for Doom. Hopefully both the franchise and the player can come to an agreement.

Doom's contract was not good for the Denver Broncos. All Elway coud do is "ask" for a change. Elway did ask and Doom supposedly did agree. Well, at first Doom said no, then he said yes. Whatever. Doom always had the ability to say no and walk away as a FA.

The posters here who want to blame Elway for simply asking Doom to redue his contract are a tad moronic. Either Doom redues his contract or he gets cut. End of story. Yes, Elway, as the GM of the Denver Broncos, is supposed to do what's best for the team. Doom's contract was cost prohibitive for the Broncos, as the market clearly demonstrates. So Elway, being the GM of the Denver Broncos and not a moron fan, asked Doom to cut back on his salary. Doom initially said no, which is his right to do. Because Doom is going to do what's best for Doom. Then Doom said yes.

This is the environment in which the Broncos operate, that is, the age of the free agent. Those who understand this, understand this. Those who don't, are well, Tim Tebow fans.
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