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Malik Jackson

How fragile the wall between us and savagery. When we see the scenes of Auschwitz or Bosnia or Mogadishu played out, or other place names ad infinitum, we cringe and turn away and say, "That's not me." But how thick are the walls of our society that hold our own evil at bay? Thin as paper. Look at Hurricane Katrina? What did they call it at Nuremberg? The banality of evil. When evil becomes mundane. Last night on TV, serial killers were shoving spears into people's guts. The blood covered spear came out the woman's back. The goo came out and the victim barfed blood. It's a top rated show. Is it Satan? Or us?

The chimp resides within us all. Waiting to get out. Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.
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