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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Tempting, but with Willis you run smack into 'TheReverend Paradox."

TheReverend Paradox: (so named for TheReverend, who endlessly argues for another coverage LB, but never addresses the Paradox): Say the Broncos sign an every-down stud Mike LB. Now, who goes to the sidelines on passing downs? Not Wesley Woodyard, rated the best pass overage 4-3 LB in the league. And certainly not Von Miller, no explanation required. Might get 3 LB on the field in some nickel situations, but the reality is three every-down LBs doesn't fit, we're better off spending resources on a DT or Safety.

Obviously can't argue with Peterson or Watt, but that's too easy. Of course Watt. But I think we'd benefit most with an upgrade at safety, a young guy with Patrick Willis leadership. Ed Reed too old, Earl Thomas not a leader. My choice would be a 1982 Dennis Smith, 91 Steve Atwater, or a young Ed Reed or John Lynch.
I've explained this to your stupid ass 1000 times but apparently you still don't understand...

In DENVER'S nickel packages, Von becomes a pass rusher. We still have Von AND Wesley on the field AS WELL AS Trevathan (this past season).

Also, you're an annoying douche bag and you look like the elephant boy.
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