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Originally Posted by Pontius Pirate View Post
Yes, the victim's parents are to blame for her being 1) dragged out of a building passed out 2) having her top pulled off while people take pictures of it and joke about it 3) being raped in a car while someone else films it 4) being taken back to a house and stripped while someone masturbates on her 5) having a penis forced into her mouth at an attempt at oral sex while she was passed out 6) having another guy offer $5 if someone peed on her while she was passed out and then 7) have a bunch of guys upstairs laugh about it and say she was dead and raped

Yes, sir, the victim's parents sure ought to pay for that.
That is not what he is saying. Nobody deserved to be raped and humiliated like that girl, nobody! What he is saying is why is that girl at a party drinking when she is still 16yrs old? Where are the parents? According to witnesses, this is not her first time drinking and it was normal for her to get drunk at parties. So, why are the parents letting this girl go to parties and drink? The parents must obviously notice the smell of alcohol on her. The parents should be held responsible for what happened to their daughter. To me, the parents are no worse than the parents who go shopping locking up their children in a car under the sun.

This is not a case of wrong place wrong time. It wasn't like she was walking down the street and was brutally attacked and raped. She attended the party with the intention to drink. She drank until she passed out. She is at a party with a bunch of drunk kids she don't even know. Bad things will happen when your passed out drunk rolling on the ground! Bad people do bad things. I don't go to the hood and cry foul because i was robbed at gun point.
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