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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
I don't think we can afford him on a 1 yr deal. Best we can do is low-salary, big bonus, prorated over several years.
Depends on what's being offered. The Ravens aren't exactly swimming in cash; they can't even keep their own players. He might not be able to do better than 1 year $5 million or something along those lines. It's more complicated on our end, though, because Doom had an agreement from the club to pay him $8 million this season. Would he be willing to take less now, even if it represented the best offer? I could see where the principle of the thing could lead him to accept a slightly lesser offer.

Anyway, I think something like this could get it done for us. 2 years, $15 million, $7 million signing bonus. First year base salary of $1 million + $7 million signing bonus= the $8 million figure Doom was supposed to get this year. The cap charge would be $4.5 million ($1 million base + $3.5 million half of the signing bonus). Added with the ~$4.8 million in dead money, his 2013 cap figure would be basically what it would have been had the paperwork been filed in time (~$9.3 million). In year two, he'd have a $10.5 cap figure ($7 million base + plus the remaing $3.5 million of the signing bonus). If that's too steep for Denver, Condon could put language in the contract stipulating that the base salary becomes guaranteed if he's on the roster the day before the start of FA. That'd leave Denver with a managable figure of $3.5 million in dead money, and Doom would be able to hit FA from day one next season. Or, of course, we could keep him.

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