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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Tempting, but with Willis you run smack into 'TheReverend Paradox."

TheReverend Paradox: (so named for TheReverend, who endlessly argues for another coverage LB, but never addresses the Paradox): Say the Broncos sign an every-down stud Mike LB. Now, who goes to the sidelines on passing downs? Not Wesley Woodyard, rated the best pass overage 4-3 LB in the league. And certainly not Von Miller, no explanation required. Might get 3 LB on the field in some nickel situations, but the reality is three every-down LBs doesn't fit, we're better off spending resources on a DT or Safety.

Obviously can't argue with Peterson or Watt, but that's too easy. Of course Watt. But I think we'd benefit most with an upgrade at safety, a young guy with Patrick Willis leadership. Ed Reed too old, Earl Thomas not a leader. My choice would be a 1982 Dennis Smith, 91 Steve Atwater, or a young Ed Reed or John Lynch.
You're aware that on passing downs Von becomes a DE, right?

In the nickel our LB's are Woodyard + A.N Other. Last year that other guy was a mix of Mays/Brooking/Trevathan/DJ. That's the spot that Willis would take, he'd play every single doand wouldn't take a single snap from Von or WW.
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